Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good year for Lipica

In 2010 the Stud farm Lipica is celebrating its 430 anniversary, and it was a good year they say.
In Lipica stud Farm are very happy with the summer proceeds, because they perceived an increase in the number of guests in both the spring and summer months.
Number of visitors of Lipica, the month of June increased by seven percent in July by 12 percent, so this year Lipica been visited by a little less than 70,500 visitors.
Managers Stud Farm is confident that the response and increase the number of guests the result of intensive promotional activities and efforts to the promotion of Lipica and improving the reputation of the brands they invest it all year. The data for the summer, when the stud of major events are not prepared, are all the more pleasing, since they show that on display in a growing number come from the regular visitors, among them mainly foreign guests from all over the world," they believe in Lipica .
More and more the "exotic" guests. Most guests come from Slovenia, followed by guests from Germany, Italy, Great Britain and France. But, said Assistant Director of Catering and Tourism in the Stud Farm Danilo Markočič in stud Noting that more and more interest in visiting a stud farm, among others, "exotic" guests such as the Japanese and Russians. By increasing the number of visitors to the stud farm has increased the number of nights and host guests.
Farm to continue organizing a series of eventsIn the future, in the stud produced a number of events. In addition to horse racing event in September is already available from both Traditional Days of Lipica Stud Farm, which will be held the first weekend in October. Promise a varied program, this year they expect over 10,000 visitors so far in recent years visited this event at the end of the season in Lipica.
After being with their coaches in July and August have visited Koper and Piran, will be in September marking the 430 th anniversary with promotional rides to visit some other Slovenian cities, including Ljubljana, Maribor and Ptuj. In Lipica are therefore confident that the visit will increase the complexity autumn events and as a result dozdajšnjega work to continue in the coming months.
After Markočičevih words, this year has increased interest in the preparation of weddings. These have so far counted as much as 40 percent over the same period last year. Great interest and have reservations for next year, adding Markočič.
Lipica herd in excellent shapeThe Lipica Stud Farm is a weekend with a final test for the first time in the last ten years ended stodnevni test skills of horses. The test, which was started on 15 April and was with his team leading outsourcing service provider operating Rancid Kariž was treated mares Lipica 11 year 2006th The first estimates are very good and show the excellent condition of the Lipica herd. Test for stallions is ongoing and will be completed in October.

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